Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

We had a full house for a Labor Day weekend reunion here in Atlanta. Some of our closest friends from college came in town to visit and we were so glad to have them here! Kelly and Matt flew in from West Palm, and Dani and Mark (and their pup, Ferguson!) drove from Raleigh. I wish we didn't all live so far away, but love that we manage to get together so often.

Dani and Mark had never been to Sweetwater, so at their request we started off the weekend with happy hour - very happy indeed. Adrienne and Kim joined us for the weekend extravaganza as well since they live close by :)

this one's a framer!! <3

Originally, we had planned to have dinner at Bone Garden that evening. But since they had a ridiculous wait and it turns out Friday night would have been an exact repeat of the last time Kelly and Matt visited (apparently we have a pretty set idea of where to take them..ha!), we decided to try somewhere new - Bone Lick BBQ. Pretty good barbecue and amazing side items. Plus, they had arcade games to keep Kelly and the boys entertained. She always wins.

As it turns out, I have no pictures from Saturday. Us girls got up and went for an early morning run together - still impressed we did that. The Gators' football season opener was at noon, so we all spent the entire day at our house watching the Gators win (and the Bulldogs lose!), killing a half-keg, and just hanging out. We had earned all the beer we drank that day...right?!

On Sunday we went to the Braves game against the Marlins. We tailgated for a little while in the rain but thankfully it cleared up in time for the game to start.

And unfortunately this game was one of the losses I posted about here. At least Mark was happy, he's a Nats fan :)

facebook clarification: Bo is carrying a cooler bag, not a purse/manbag...

We spent the rest of the evening back at our house for more video games (Kelly wins again) and everyone left on Monday. And just like that, the weekend was over. Even long weekends are way too short!

Thank you all so much for visiting and making it a fantastic weekend!! Miss you guys already and counting down until I see you again next month :)  XOXO


  1. Bone luck and bone garden? Lots of bone! Love Bo's bag I mean cooler ;)

  2. Glad you had such a great weekend with your friends.


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