Monday, December 2, 2013

Fall Festivities

In the midst of all the gator games we attended, we still kept ourselves pretty busy during the little time we spent here in Atlanta this fall. The weather usually makes this the prettiest season but it was actually pretty miserable when we were here, either rainy or cold or both. Not that it held us back at all - you know we can't sit still for very long anyway.

First up, the Decatur Craft Beer Festival - our favorite! Lots of beer and lots of friends, it was such a great day. The setup was a little better this year, though some of the beers we most looked forward to were not there. Plus, the rain. Better luck next year.

sporting our gator gear during the Missouri loss...

The very next day we went to the Stone Mountain Highland Games with Josh's family and a few more friends each year. A full day of beer followed by a full day of scotch required a full week of recovery...

Bo's tent!

The weekend after that, I ran the Atlanta 10 Miler road race with Adrienne and Katie. We had been training for a few months and did better than expected considering there were TEN hills - one every mile! Good thing we didn't know that in advance or we might have psyched ourselves out. Katie is a little faster than us, so Adrienne and I ran the whole thing together, just like we did for our first half marathon (also here in Atlanta) back in 2007. And we even ran about the same pace as back then, finishing in 1:41 (pace of almost exactly a 10 minute mile, which was our goal). We considered it a total success! And then we rewarded ourselves with brunch and drinks at Carroll Street Cafe and a foot massage at Treat Your Feet - highly recommend both of these! Stole a few of these pics from the website...oops

it was freeeezing that morning!

we did it!!

Love having my running buddy back :)

And last but not least, Halloween! We carved our pumpkins a few days in advance while roasting pumpkin seeds and watching not-so scary movies (I am such a wuss). The puppies were not-so good little helpers.

check out Molly's crazy eyes. going in for the kill while both parents are occupied

guess whose is whose?!

And on that note, I'm off to start decorating for Christmas! Hopefully I'll get through all my Thanksgiving pics sooner rather than later since I've already lapped myself in holidays ;) 


  1. LOVE the pic of you and Adrienne running! SO CUTE!!!

  2. Love the glad you have your running buddy back too :)

  3. Is it time to start planning our 2014 monthly races? I have a half in February, but the rest of the year I'm free! :)

  4. You are a busy lady!!! Love those pumpkins :)


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