Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. It always has been, although my reasoning has certainly changed over the years. I used to countdown until Christmas day, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa and his load of presents. It felt like the longest month of the year. As I've grown older, my Christmas list and shopping list have both shrunk in size considerably and are practically non-existent, as I now anticipate simply seeing the people I love most and spending time with them. December is now by far the shortest (and most fun) month of the year!

Bo's work Christmas party at the Buckhead Club

Kelly & Brian's housewarming/holiday party

Christmas Carol at the Shakespeare Tavern
Katherine's annual cookie exchange

My work Christmas party at the High Museum

Josh's tacky Christmas party

White Elephant gift exchange at work - very fitting that I ended up with a key finder, since Abby destroyed my car key a few weeks ago, and I hope to never lose my spare key since a replacement is $420..!!!!

our annual friends feast

I promise there were more than just the 5 of us who consumed all the wine....

Whew! We survived the whirlwind :)  We are now up in North Carolina for the week just relaxing with family and puppies and logging many hours on the couch with said family members and puppies... Merry Christmas Eve!

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