Wednesday, August 8, 2012

4th of July

Bo's family always spends the weekend closest to July 4th up in Blowing Rock for their big celebration. This year it was held the weekend before the fourth, so Bo went without me since I was in Dublin. With the holiday on a Wednesday, we were actually here in Atlanta on July 4th for the first time ever. And we got to spend it with Adrienne, who was in town for a long weekend! (more to come on the real purpose of her trip, if I can ever get caught up!)

Adrienne's flight was delayed several hours the night before, so we were really glad we decided not to sign up for the Peachtree Road Race that morning. Instead, we slept in and just hung out at home for most of the day. It's become somewhat of a tradition to play board games with our guests, and Adrienne's special request is always Sorry.

Bo grilled us a beer butt chicken - so easy, and so delicious!

That night we all went to the Braves vs. Cubs game. Bo and I had gotten tickets to the game even before we knew Adrienne would be in town. Since she's from Chicago it worked out perfect! There was even an open seat right next to ours. Our losing streak still continues - lucky for her, the Cubs won :) 

This lady's "House Divided" sign would have been perfect for us!

We stayed for the fireworks after the game. It was a really good show. Our seats were in left field upper deck, so we could see a few other fireworks from around town as well.


It was a great 4th of July - and a very Happy 31st Wedding Anniversary to my parents!


  1. I tried making beer butt chicken failure.

  2. Beer butt chicken sounds amazing, although I've never had that before. And I definitely need a house divided sign for M and I :)


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