Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Daytona Beach Reunion

At least once a year, our dear friend Amy comes back to the states from Dubai and organizes a reunion for all of us. Last summer we went to Kelly's house in Palm City, and over Christmas break most of us visited Harry Potter World in Orlando. So technically this was our third reunion in twelve months! While spending gobs of money at the theme park and standing in line for several hours, we started talking about our next reunion. We unanimously decided to go back to the cheaper, more relaxing kind of trip. Leslie mentioned Daytona Beach, since Mike's family owns a few bars/liquor stores, and we were sold. I love that my sister and I have such close mutual friends and that all our significant others get along so well. It makes our reunion trips that much more fun :)

We made the seven-hour trek down to Daytona the Friday after our anniversary and drove back on Sunday - the day before our ten-hour flight to Italy. Most people thought we were crazy with all that travel in such a short amount of time, but I love to drive so I didn't think twice about it. However... about halfway through the miserable drive I was about to agree with everyone and turn around. We eventually made it to Metz Lounge to meet up with these lovely ladies and their other halves - which made the drive totally worth it. Besides, I could hardly complain about our drive considering Amy and John traveled halfway around the globe to get there!

We stayed with the Metzes but the rest of our crew stayed at a hotel right on the beach, so after the bar closed we made our way out to the ocean. The water and sand in the air made some crazy pictures!

We spent most of Saturday on the beach, and we had gorgeous weather. Unfortunately we had a huge wave come and wash away our stuff, casualties including an iphone and a book...really could have been a lot worse.

After we got our fill of the beach we went back to Mike's parent's house for dinner. They were fabulous hosts and we all had such a great time meeting them. Thank you so much for having us!!

Joey and Bo modeling Leslie's stellar sunscreen application skills

We ended the night back at Metz Lounge II, completing our tour of the bars. An awesome weekend with even more awesome friends! Already looking forward to our next reunion - hopefully by then Amy will be back in the US for good!!


  1. I laughed out loud at their poor backs! That must have been some distracted sunscreen application :)

    1. No kidding!! My sister won't be hearing the end of this for a long time :)

  2. Ahhh so much fun! Jealous of this :) I love the pictures of the boys and their beers in the pool too.


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