Monday, August 20, 2012

Brian & Krystina's Wedding

Immediately after Ginny's shower, I went home to change my outfit and we were off to celebrate the marriage of our friends Brian and Krystina. Brian was one of my former co-workers out in Myrtle Beach, and I played on a softball team with Krystina. Bo and I have become good friends with them over the past few years, so it was really awesome to see these two meet and then get married! And it's no secret that I called their marriage before they even knew it themselves :)

They were married at the Kellett Chapel of Peachtree Presbyterian Church and the reception was at the Atlanta History Center.

Cocktail hour was just outside all of the exhibits in the museum and during this time everyone had full access. Even though we had been there before for my office holiday party, we hadn't seen any of the exhibits so we took advantage of it this time. My favorite was the Olympics, and Bo's favorite was the Civil War. I'm certain that if my dad and brother had been there, their favorite would have been the Civil War exhibit as well, so I took this picture of the weaponry artifacts just for them.

Brian is also a fellow Gator and has successfully converted Krystina. We'll be seeing a lot of them on gamedays this fall!


another coozie for the collection!

and they lived happily ever after :)


  1. That looked like a fun wedding! I really liked their cake... It looks yummy :)

  2. I love that there exit was with tons of bubbles! You look so pretty, and I love your dress :)

    1. Thanks!! I loved the bubbles too - we had them at our wedding, they make for cute pictures!


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