Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ginny's Shower Weekend

Just a quick note before I get to the meat of this post. I had every intention of spending last Sunday catching up on this here blog, but got the sad news late Saturday night that Ginny's father had passed away. Although I didn't know him very well, the few times I spent with him are such happy memories - he had a huge, contagious grin and was so much fun to be around. Ginny's sister, Katie, and her best friend, Michelle, both wrote beautiful posts about him that I'd encourage you to read if you haven't already - but have your tissues ready. If you're the praying kind, I ask you to pray for continued peace for Ginny and her family. Over the past week, I have very much admired Ginny's faith, strength, and grace as she mourned her father and prepared to bring her son into this world...all in a matter of days. Needless to say, it's been pretty emotional for her family. However, during a time of deep sadness, I am so glad they had such joy to look forward to in the birth of her and JM's son, Tillman. We all wish her dad was here to meet Tillman in person, but know he'll keep close watch from above and live on through his newest grandson and namesake.

So without further ado..let's back up six weeks. The first weekend of July, Ginny's closest college girlfriends came in town from across the US to celebrate our mommy-to-be. Since she'd already had several showers for baby Tillman (he's so spoiled already!), we threw a shower just for her.

Everyone got in on Friday night and we had dinner at the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant, which is right next to the DeKalb airport. I had never been before and it was fun to sit outside and watch the planes take off and land all night. We were too busy catching up with each other that I didn't get a single picture once we were seated!

The next morning we had brunch at South City Kitchen, a restaurant that I love but don't go to very often. It's a great location for showers and events. (Side note: The very first time I went there, I was with a majority of these girls. Adrienne and I had just finished running a half marathon and were desperately starving. We showed up all gross and sweaty, and immediately noticed that the restaurant was more fitting for bridal and baby showers, not post-workout grub. Five years later, here we are again - much more appropriate this time!!)

We each brought a baby book for Tillman and wrote a note inside. We couldn't resist getting her some baby gifts :)

And then the water works started... Heather & Sonya had collected words of wisdom, encouraging thoughts, and general mommy tips from each of us (and our own moms & mommy friends) as well as from Ginny's closest friends and family members who were not present. Each one was typed out and as she read them aloud they were curled and put into a glass jar to be used as decoration in Tillman's nursery. The personal notes were really sweet tear-jerkers, and we had to take a few breaks so Ginny could collect herself!

After brunch we headed over to Sugarcoat (my regular spot) for manis/pedis. It was the perfect afternoon activity to keep our 8-months-pregnant momma off her feet and in the A/C. Besides, pregnant or not, who doesn't love to be pampered with their girlfriends?!

I managed to squeeze my appointment in before our friends' Brian and Krystina's wedding that night, and I had to miss the rest of the shower festivities. That evening, the girls continued to treat Ginny with fabulous mommy gifts and crafted Tillman's monthly onesies. (these pictures and a few above are courtesy of Heather's facebook album - thanks!) :)

It was a much needed girls weekend for all of us to celebrate the first of us to become a mom!

And because I am so far behind on blogging about our crazy summer, I actually have a few pictures from baby Tillman's Birth Day Party! He arrived late Thursday night and I got to meet him yesterday. I love this little boy so much already.

about 13 hours old!

such happiness :)

Tillman started crying when he heard I was leaving. I'll be back soon, little buddy!

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