Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo started off bright and early on Saturday morning. I ran/walked in the Big Peach 5k, put on by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training in Brookhaven with a few of my athletically-inspiring friends.

Technically, I was supposed to only have limited activity after my surgery, but I had already signed up for the race before I found out I needed surgery. I still wanted to participate, so I had planned to walk - but my inner competitor couldn't stand having hundreds of people run past me while I walked, so once the race started I ended up running most of it after all. This 5k was a Peachtree Road Race qualifier (for next year's race), so there were a ton of people running! It was my first race since I ran in the Atlanta half marathon with Adrienne back in 2007, and I really enjoyed it. I signed up for a few more races this year, and call me crazy but I am actually considering running another half marathon later this year in Miami with some of my girlfriends from college. Who else wants to join us? Doesn't this look like fun??


the nicest 5k shirts ever - Nike Dri-fit!

After such a productive morning (well, for me anyway), we put on our sombreros and headed out for a day of Cinco de Mayo fiestas. It's such an overly-Americanized holiday - as if we need another excuse to celebrate something! We started out with our friends Carolyn and Heather, who live just a few minutes away and had a big party at their house that afternoon.We always have such a blast with them, and Trina came in town to visit just for the occasion! It was a fun mini high school reunion :)


breaking the chili pinata

cactus cooler filled with Mexican beers

Trina and Carolyn & pinata prizes!

For dinner we met another group of friends at Josh's favorite restaurant, El Azteca. Personally, I think that restaurant is not very good, but at least the margaritas and queso are decent. It was so packed - thankfully Josh loves it enough to wait in line for the rest of us. It's always an interesting experience there, especially on Cinco de Mayo.

Afterward, we ended up back at their house for a late night of Mexican beers. We had every intention of going to the highlands block party, but I guess we are officially getting older as the majority preferred to stay at their house. We are not, however, grown up enough to take normal pictures...sigh.

The next day, we went over to Kim's house to hang out with Amy & John who were in town from Dubai for a wedding. Kim made a delicious batch of sangria and we all enjoyed the beautiful weather on the back porch that afternoon.

Molly loved hanging out with her newest boyfriend, Linus

Turns out it may actually be true that Amy & John will only be in Dubai for one more year (though, how many years have you told me this, Amy?? haha)... so we decided to change up our vacation plans for next year and head out to the Middle East! We are excited!

All in all, it was a great Cinco de Mayo weekend. And in true Lisa fashion - it was quite the friend-group-floating weekend, too :)

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