Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Date Night

This month has been absolutely crazy for us - and it's not over yet! On top of all the fun traveling and events we've had going on lately, Bo has been out of town for work almost every week. So with all the chaos that is our life, we actually have to schedule time to spend together - just the two of us - and put it on the calendar. As in, time that doesn't involve staring at the TV/computer/iphone :) 

Back in December, when we went to A Christmas Carol at the Shakespeare Tavern, we saw an ad in the program for The Canterbury Tales. Bo really wanted to see it, but it was only showing during the month of May - which was already jam-packed for us. We only had two free days in the entire month to choose from, so as the designated Events Coordinator in our marriage, Bo bought tickets right away to make sure we went.

as usual, we got there early to get awesome seats

Even though we were pretty exhausted from the graduation and wedding festivities from the previous three days, we had a great Sunday evening together and we are so glad we went to see this show. They performed six of the tales while we enjoyed dinner, wine, and even dessert (their apple crisp is amazing!). We've seen most of the actors perform in A Christmas Carol over the past few years, so it was cool to see them take on different roles in a new play. I highly recommend it if theater is your thing - or even if it isn't. I wouldn't exactly consider myself a theater person but we do really enjoy going. The play was very well done and extremely entertaining - much more so than I remember from the excerpts I read out of the book cliffsnotes during high school English class. Although, since Bo has the book I may actually read it one of these days.

Oddly enough, we've now been to the Shakespeare Tavern four times, and still have yet to see a play written by Shakespeare himself. So until then, we'll keep it on our Atlanta Bucket List - we'll be going back for sure.

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  1. So glad you got to enjoy some Shakespeare :)


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