Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Piedmont Park Picnic

Ever since we moved to Atlanta (almost 4.5 years ago!), we've wanted to have a picnic in Piedmont Park. Simple enough, but for various reasons we just hadn't made it happen. As I was driving back from Gatlinburg a few weekends ago, I got home earlier than expected and it was sunny outside but not too hot. We figured if we didn't go for it then, it might never happen.

It took about 20 minutes total to pack up a few things, stop by the store to pick up some food, drive to the park, and setup our little area. It was so easy, we couldn't believe it took us this long to do it. Molly loved our picnic and so did we.

our make-shift, disposable cooler

Out of nowhere it was looking like it might storm, so we started packing up and getting ready to make a run for it.  It never actually rained on us but we could see the storm clouds rolling over our neighborhood.

And then...a beautiful rainbow!

It was a pretty darn perfect evening, which set the picnic bar rather high for us first-timers. We're hoping there are many more picnics in our near future - hopefully before another 4.5 years go by.


  1. Molly is getting way too big!!! No more puppy :(

    1. Ahh I know!! We just might have to get another puppy... ;)

  2. Goodness. You could have a portrait painted from that first shot of Molly on her blanket. It's gorgeous!

    1. I just might do that, thanks!! She makes a pretty good model :)


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