Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lauren & Rob's Wedding

The morning after Leslie's graduation, we woke up and drove back to Atlanta. We had a wedding to attend that day - my coworker Lauren was getting married! Fun fact: I also used to work with Rob, her now-husband, at my old job. Small world.

We actually didn't make it back in time for the 2:30pm ceremony, but the reception wasn't until later that night so we had some time to nap, unpack, and relax before getting ready and heading out the door again.

The reception was held at the Greystone at Piedmont Park. It was so beautiful! I've been there for a few other events, and it was a great setup for a wedding.

view of the front of the building

view from the back of the building

After hearing about all the details at work every day, and even helping her with a few things, it was awesome to see it all come together on the big day.

groom's cake - Lauren & Rob both went to UGA. Obviously I did not help her with this ;)

wedding favors - homemade peach preserves, and her sister made the labels. so cute

guests pinned the year they met Lauren & Rob

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas!


And then my camera battery died - so early in the night! I guess I took too many pictures the day before, and obviously forgot to charge it when we got home. My writing won't do it justice so you'll have to take my word for it that it was a fun night! And it has become glaringly obvious that I wouldn't be much of a blogger without my camera :)


  1. What a beautiful wedding! I love the little accents! My sister goes to UGA, so I think that cake is really fun :)

    1. Everyone else loved the cake! Sadly we were the only Florida Gators there.


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