Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Number Three

They say things happen in threes.

In the past four months I've had two surgeries, and tonight I busted my lip playing volleyball. So, to whoever "they" are - this is number three, so I'm done for a while now, right

Shawn and I both dove for the ball at the same time and our heads collided. Not to worry, it was one of the few teeth that did not have tissue issues from oral surgery a few weeks ago. After getting my stitches out just last Thursday, and finally getting back to normal, my face is now back to being swollen. Sweet. 

This was my first busted lip - holy hell did it hurt! I put ice on it right away and luckily one of the guys on the other team is a doctor so after a quick look he said I didn't need stitches. Good thing, because that did not even cross my mind...! Two of my teammates, Shawn and Chris, live just a few houses down from me, so they drove my car home and took care of me since Bo is out of town this week. I am very grateful to have such good friends who live walking distance from us. After a quick google search at home, I got out the hydrogen peroxide, polysporin, and a leftover painkiller from my last surgery. The guys got me some popsicles, and I may or may not have had at least five of them for dinner tonight.

I've been icing it all night, but the swelling has not gone down yet at all. I'll spare  any pictures of it because I can barely stand to look at myself in the mirror right now. But to give you an idea, I look like I got a really bad lip injection with way too much collagen. Although I guess it could be worse since that actually happens to some people...


Granted, I realize my medical "dilemmas" are really not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I can't help but feel like a walking disaster these days. I am very superstitious so let's hope the old saying holds true and my medical dilemmas of 2012 are over.

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